Eta Theta Lambda Scholarship Program

One of the missions of the Eta Theta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. is creating opportunities for the youth to explore higher education. We plan to devise a chance for high school seniors to receive financial aid to support their future endeavors. The brothers of Eta Theta Lambda came together to establish a scholarship based on the principles of passion, purpose and service. We are seeking two high school seniors that incorporate the principles into their daily life. 

2021 Scholarship Guidelines:

Theme: Passion, Purpose, Service


Mission Statement:

Self-awareness is vital on the path of growth and success. The objective is to find students that are aware of their passion, open to understand their purpose and possess the willingness to service their community.

Scholarship Submission Details:

The application window for all 2021 scholarships has officially closed. Thank you to all students who submitted applications for our 2021 ETL Scholarship program.

Submit all questions and documentation pertaining to the ETL scholarship to: